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Quarriers Homes

The care home of the paedophile

Seven ex-employees convicted to-date.
Samuel McBrearty, John Porteous, Joe Nicholson, Alexander Wilson, William Gilmore,
Mary Drummond, Ruth Wallace.

•  Why no SWSI Inquiry or other Inquiry into proven past abuse in Quarriers Homes!

  Care Professionals failing in their collective duty by not calling for an INQUIRY into past Abuse!

  Perpetrators may be embedded in the Care System due to past nepotism and corruption of Quarriers.

  Quarriers properties used in support of a convicted paedophile (Frontline Scotland "Secrets or Lies" 1st April 2003).

  Children used in the Frontline reconstructions attend drama classes run by the paedophiles family on Quarriers property.

  BBC Frontline Scotland employees Lied and asked interviewees to Lie while undertaking "Secrets or Lies" into an alleged miscarriage of justice.

  Intimidation of witnesses by the paedophiles supporters and family from Quarriers property.

  Phil Robinson of Quarriers states in the media paedophiles can return on their release - Sunday Mail 18/01/2004 (Childline informed).

  Quarriers apology (If abuse occurred) given in the Scottish Parliament is found in the Court of Sessions not to have been an apology.

  Quarriers fail to meet a group of their own VICTIMS to resolve the issues.

  Ex-employees continue to work for the Quarriers Organisation while under investigation.

  Quarriers representatives hire "Experts" Mr Ray Wyre & Dr Janet Boakes in an attempt to discredit victims even after court convictions are upheld in the Appeal Court!

  The Scottish Executive officials and Minister Mr Peter Peacock to-date refusing to make public the "Historical Abuse Systemic Review report " when it is completed.


•  WE ask that this report is made public! As Quarriers Charity is publicly funded!

•  Former Boys and Girls Abused in Quarriers

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