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Letter from David Whelan to Robin Wilson, Chairman Quarriers Charity, and Walter Smith Chairman Former Boys and Girls Association Quarriers, 26/06/2004

From: David Whelan
To: Robin Wilson
Date: 26/06/2004

Dear Mr Wilson

I would like to thank you for your letter dated the 14th June 2004.

I can understand your reluctance to become involved. I do not believe that the Association or possibly indeed Quarriers ever envisaged a situation that we all find ourselves currently part off.

The structures and the constitution re the FBGA that are currently in place were put there in an era which could not possibly take into account the present situation or possibly the fact that former employees would ever be convicted.

I stand by my remarks made to Mr Walter Smith in my letters dated the 22nd March 2004 and reinforced in my letter dated the 3rd of June 2004.

1 believe that there is a conflict of interest in relation to Mrs Porteous and any family members current involvement in the FBGA due to there involvement in the court cases and there stance in the media and this is impeding a resolution on some of the issues for some of the victims who wish to re-engage with Quarriers through the FBGA.

The current view of the victims is and will be until there is a resolution on the issues is that:

1.    There should be no involvement of any former employees of Quarriers in the FBGA and it should solely be for Former Boys and Girls and those who have crossed over to be employees may be able to be associate members only.

2.    The Office bearers and management committee of the FBGA also should have no former employees.

3.    Any full or associated member who wishes to engage in defending or lending support to those convicted and they have this right, but they should disassociate themselves from the FBGA and indeed Quarriers.

4.    Any full or associate member who was a victim of abuse should not use the association to attack Quarriers or the Association and should they wish to do so they should also disassociate themselves from the FBGA.

I will try to resolve these issues through the current route as you have suggested but believe that it is out dated and incapable of dealing with the current issues and that it will require some input from Quarriers through Mr Robinson or yourself at some stage.

There have been attempts in the past to raise these issues through the FBGA.

These issues were raised at the last AGM of the FBGA in September 2003 by some members only for no action to be taken.

I will of course raise these issues amongst others at my meeting with Mr Robinson scheduled for the 24th August 2004.

Yours Sincerely

David W Whelan

CC Walter Smith

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