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Email from David Whelan to Ray Wyre, 23/03/07

Subject: David Whelan, BBC Frontline Scotland "Secrets or Lies" 1st April 2003.

Dear Mr Wyre,

Further to my call to the mobile number on your website regarding BBC Frontline Scotland, Secrets or Lies, 1st April 2003.

This was a programme you appeared on.

As I informed you the BBC GPCC Editorial Standards Committee have upheld my complaints with regards Accuracy, Impartiality, Right of Reply and Handling of complaint to-date.

We have uncovered many serious issues and matters concerning this programme and the programme makers.

I wrote to you in 05/04/2004 and 21/06/2004 raising directly with you a number of questions concerning your opinion and other matters directly relating to your appearance on this programme which, to date, you have not responded to or have failed to address.

I also raised some of these matters directly with you in a public forum at a Community Care Event in Scotland.

As I have previously stated to you so called "Experts" in my view should address issues that are directly put to them where they have forwarded an opinion on the subject matter as in this instance you did.

I am reserving the right to address these issues in the fullness of time as the subject matter and given that your appearance and testimony given on "Secrets or Lies" impacted on me personally as a victim of the convicted perpetrator who was portrayed by the programme makers as a miscarriage of Justice.

This is the direct link to the BBC GPCC committee Editorial Standards Committee findings. It certainly is not the whole story of what we have uncovered.

So called "Expert" opinions given in the media should not be allowed to impact on matters that were based on fact and evidence given with a Court of Law.

Given that in this instance you were not privy to nor had access to the facts and evidence which had been determined in the Glasgow High Court in November 2002 and in the conviction of John Porteous.

Your generalised opinion given should have been clarified on that basis by you as the contributor, it was not case specific as the only case portrayed on the programme was that of John Porteous.

As I previously informed you these matters are not closed as far as I am concerned. We will continue to raise these and other matters with the UK Parliament and in Commissions set up by the Scottish Executive to look into matters concerning "Historical abuse Victims".

I would kindly ask that you revisit the matters raised in my previous correspondence and address the issues I have raised directly with you.

Yours Sincerely

David Whelan

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