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Email from Ray Wyre to David Whelan, 24/03/2007.

Dear David

I find it difficult to respond due to the fact that my interview concerning historical abuse cases and the complexity involved means that what I said in the fulness of the interview is something that I have said many times both on the meida and in public conferences. I am not sure what I can do about a TV programme that took parts of the interview, as I have no control over the editorial. I say very publically that we gave defence lawyers something they always wanted by introducing compensation and I still believe the money should go into a trust fund which is made available to all victims of abuse. Especially as I am sure you are aware the most damaged victims never say anything and never received justice. I believe the compensation victims should receive should come from the criminal compensation fund whereas civil action should have money going to a trust fund.

I also find it difficult that whilst you criticise me, active campagining groups in Scotland that represent carers and teachers have me on the side of victims and are very clear that adults who have been accused should not use me. I am sure you have seen their websites. I think this show the delemmas for all experts, where as independents sometimes we are seeing false and suspect allegations against teachers and carers whilst in other cases we see young people not receiving any justice and not being believed. I expressed these delemmas in my interview.

My presentation was very generalised about these issues and and I am sadenned that the TV expressed the problems of false allegation. However I have taken part in many programmes which have emphasised the problems that victims have in making complaint and in being believed. This programme does not appear, to want to give both sides of the story. But that does not appear to be its intention. I am sure you must be happy that some of your complaint has been upheld but I am not sure whether this changes my involvment in being asked questions that I answered as honest as I could.

I am still not sure what you are expecting me to do other than repeat what I said to you in Scotland.

Yours sincerely

Ray Wyre

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