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Mission Statement


We are a group of individuals committed to improving the lives of Adult Institutional Survivors by coming together to find common ground in how we can deliver a seamless service of health and social care of the highest quality to people living with the effects of institutional abuse.

We endeavour to do this in a non-judgemental and non-discriminatory way.

This will be achieved through developing working relationships with the Scottish Executive officials and others in the sub-group. We are seeking to develop a service in line with National stated polices, objectives and strategies and in the process promote the issues of Adult Institutional Abuse Survivors.

We acknowledge the right of the individual to make informed choices and endeavour to do this by representing all victim/survivors within the sub-group regardless.




  • Providing a clear focus for services and those assigned to delivering such a service to Adult Institutional Survivors.
  • Reduce Health inequalities
  • Improve Health outcomes
  • Ensure that future services for Adult Institutional Survivors are commissioned clearly and have a specification detailing what they have to deliver and in line with National Policy, Objectives and Strategies.
  • Engage with the Scottish Executive officials and decision makers, service users, potential partners and others in why, how and by whom a service is provided and delivered to achieve this goal.
  • To complete the work within the timescale agreed for the sub-group and laid out.
  • Provide value for money.
  • Any other business pertaining to Adult Institutional Survivors.


Submitted to the sub-group August 2007 by FBGA Ltd

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