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Press Release 26th November 2010

Dear All,

FBGA are currently advising ALL Quarriers victim-survivors that a number of outstanding serious issues concerning the Scottish Government's current management of the Historical Abuse survivor processes, have not been resolved in our view to the Quarriers victim-survivors benefit regarding the follow-up process re: Restorative Justice part and the involvement of Sacro's. We are also very concerned that there is no independent voice in the current processes in Scotland representing the Quarriers victim-survivors interests. There was also no prior open and transparent nor proper consultation concerning Sacro's involvement.. It has simply been foisted on the victim-survivors without consultation.

Quarriers Victim-Survivors are being requested to sign confidentiality agreements with SACRO on the basis that they will receive an apology from the current Chief Executive of Quarriers.We note with interest, that there have been APOLOGIES issued in the past by Quarriers, including in the Scottish Parliament in 2004 by the former Chief Executive Mr Phil Robinson, that in law meant nothing and were purely a mechanism to avoid Accountability and Liability by the Quarriers organisation.

FBGA are requesting that the Scottish Human Rights recommendations are implemented in full in relation to inquiries, remedies, redress and reparation for all Victim-Survivors regarding their own individual personal needs and requirements. Many Quarriers victim-survivors who have been abused and to-dated have simply been failed by The Scottish Government and Quarriers organisation who have not addressed the abuse issues to the Quarriers victim-survivors benefit. FBGA and the Quarriers victim-survivors call for a full public apology with full Remedies, including a Judicial Inquiry, Accountibilty, Acknowledgement, Respect, Redress, Reparation for all Victim-Survivors in Scotland. FBGA have also raised our serious concerns with the Quarriers Organisation and the Scottish Petitions Committee.

Yours Sincerely


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