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Letter from Robin Wilson, Chairman Quarriers Charity, to David Whelan, 15/09/2004

From: Robin Wilson
To: David Whelan
Date: 15/09/2004

Caring and support for positive living

Dear Mr Whelan,

Your email through Francis Tobin was passed to me at the end of last week.

As I understand it, you have met with and are in touch with Phil Robinson and I will leave it to him to respond to the detailed points which you make, particularly as I have now retired from the position of Chairman of Quarriers as from our own AGM held yesterday.

However I do know and I believe Phil Robinson has already indicated to you that Quarriers themselves want to take over the management of Cottage 8 to ensure that matters are organised in a more formal and well run manner.

This in itself should resolve many of the difficulties which you have related. As regards relationships between the various parties, you will appreciate that much of this is outside our control, although clearly it is not something about which Quarriers can be very happy.

I shall be glad if you will continue to deal with Phil Robinson in this matter as I am no longer in a position to act.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Wilson

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